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Tear Stains

How to treat tear stains in dogs

If the cause of dog tear stains is a medical one such as infection, your vet will prescribe medication as required to treat the condition. For cases such as entropion, the treatment may involve surgery to stop the eyelids rolling in.

Signs and symptoms of tear stains in dogs

The most obvious sign of tear stains in light coloured dogs are the red marks in the hair below each eye.

These are much harder to see in darker coated dogs, and it may be that the damp hair from excessive tear production or the tears being drawn away from the eye into the fur are the easiest symptoms to see. There may be a discharge from the eye, depending on the cause of the tears, but this does not happen in every case.

What are tear stains in dogs?

Tear stains in dogs are a common problem, visible as reddish-brown marks around the dog’s eyes, most easily seen on dogs with white or light-coloured hair. They are usually the result of the dog producing too many tears or having an inability for the tears to drain away as normal.

What causes tear stains in dogs?

The answer to what causes tear stains in dogs is usually an excessive amount of tears on the face, either from too many tears being produced or the tears not draining away properly. This could be the symptom of a serious medical condition or indicate an infection, so it is important to see your vet if you notice signs of tear stains for the first time.

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