What causes of dehydration in dogs?


Top of the list when it comes to causes of dehydration in dogs is overheating and overexertion, especially during hot summer weather, this can happen to perfectly healthy dogs, because let’s face it when your pooch is having the time of his life playing with his friends the last thing he thinks of doing is stopping to take a drink. I know one of my spaniels would never drop her ball in order to do something as boring as having a drink, hence we have a ball ban going on in hot weather.

It’s good to make sure you are aware of the symptoms we’ve talked about above so you can take the appropriate action – if your dog is seriously dehydrated you need to get him to the vet and fast.

As responsible pet owners we all know that our dogs should always have access to fresh clean water, remember though that in hot weather they tend to need more, so keep an eye on your dog’s water bowls. Your pooch can’t tell you when he’s thirsty either so remember to take plenty of water on walks and regularly offer your pooch the chance to quench his thirst. It’s sensible to keep to early mornings and evenings to exercise your dog to minimise the risk.

Some dogs just don’t drink enough even if water is readily available, especially during hot weather and senior dogs and puppies can become dehydrated more quickly. One way to try to help ensure your dog is taking in enough fluid if he is not a keen drinker is to add water to their food.

Hot weather is not the only cause though, dehydration in dogs is often a symptom of an underlying condition such as heat stroke, kidney disease, diabetes or pancreatitis. Dehydration can also occur as a result of any condition that causes your dog to lose fluids such as diarrhoea or vomiting.