What is oral health in dogs?

Oral Health

Oral health, the wellness of your dog’s teeth and gums, is central to their wellbeing. Making sure that the mouth is clean and healthy helps keep the entire dog in good condition, also reducing the likelihood of the unpleasantness of a dog’s bad breath. Periodontal disease is a common problem, with studies showing that 80% of dogs having suffered from at least one stage of gum disease by the time they reach three years of age. This makes gum disease probably the most common mouth issue that occurs in dogs.

Other issues that can cause problems for the dog’s mouth include cracked or broken teeth, injuries from chewing unsuitable hard items and oral tumours. All of these oral health problems require a visit to the vet to properly diagnose and treat.

The good news when it comes to gum disease, or if your dog has bad breath, is that it is possible to reduce the risks of permanent damage. Carrying out periodic examinations, both at home and by a qualified vet, and making sure that your dog’s teeth are regularly cleaned both cuts the chances right down and is a way to ensure your dog’s mouth stays healthy is prevention.

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