15 Scenic dog walks in Shropshire

Dog walks
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This rural county bordering Wales makes for a welcome country escape for many. Without any cities within its borders and only sparsely populated, it boasts an abundance of idyllic countryside and a quiet way of life. Because of its rural nature, there are plentiful dog walks in Shropshire for you and your pooch to take. That isn’t to say there isn’t also an abundance of culture and civilisation to see too.

For a start, you can take a trip to Shrewsbury to marvel at the medieval streets. Meanwhile, Ludlow is a foodie’s haven, and Much Wenlock is the site of the historic local games that inspired the creation of the Modern Olympics. This county has history and charm in spades, and taking a dog walk is the perfect opportunity to explore it all.

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With such a vast expanse of countryside to explore, it’s easy to venture out and simply follow your nose. We have collected 15 of the most popular dog walks in Shropshire to give you and your pooch an idea of the adventures you can have in this wonderful part of the world.

Country & country park walks

Battlefield 1403 (The Battle of Shrewsbury)

This is the site of the historical battle between Henry IV’s army and his challenger, Harry “Hotspur” Percy. This was a climactic conflict and you’ll find out more about it on this easy, circular stroll around the site of the battle.

It’s a great walk to take with families and dogs, and although pups aren’t allowed inside the visitor centre, they’ll be met with a big fuss and water bowls to make sure they aren’t missing out.

The walking trail is accessible and suitable for all ages and abilities and allows you to explore this pocket of undeveloped land and the weight of history that dwells here. There is also a cafe and farm shop, as well as the visitor centre facilities. Should you fancy lengthening your walk, you can easily access the Severn Way here and take a stroll beside the river.

  • Walk Length: 2.4km

  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Starting Point: Car park

  • Terrain: Paths, fields, gentle slopes

  • Free Parking: Yes

  • Address: Upper Battlefield, Shrewsbury, SY4 3DB

More information: GPS Routes

Acton Burnell

After a short walk along a mystical-looking path through rhododendrons, you’ll arrive on the lawns of Acton Burnell Castle. The ruins of the castle are tucked away in a pocket of woodland and make a memorable backdrop to your next dog walk in Shropshire. Dogs are welcome on leads to the castle, and you and your furry friend are free to explore the site together.

This magnificent, fortified hall was prominent enough that parliament was even held here. However, after Acton Burnell Hall was built nearby, the castle fell into disrepair. It isn’t the only hidden gem on this walk, as you’ll find several more architectural beauties on this route. One of these is the lovely Langley Chapel. It was abandoned by villagers who left for more lucrative work elsewhere. The Tudor interior now sits forgotten and makes a beautiful attraction for you to paw-se and admire before continuing your rural stroll with your pooch.

Given the forgotten nature of the area, which leads to its tranquillity, you will have a short drive to find some facilities. The nearest pub is the Dorrington’s Horseshoes. Otherwise, you can drive to Shrewsbury and enjoy the plentiful eateries and amenities there.

  • Walk Length: 9.7km

  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Starting Point: St Mary’s Church

  • Terrain: Heathlands, woodland, paths, trails, flat

  • Free Parking: Yes

  • Address: Old Walls, Acton Burnell, Shrewsbury, SY5 7PE

More information: CountryFile

Ludlow castle

Ludlow Castle looks exactly how you always imagined a castle must look like. Despite being a ruin, it is still largely intact, giving you an idea of the scale and majesty of one of the first stone castles ever built in England.

Best of all, your pooch is welcome to explore the castle with you, as long as they’re on a lead, making this a memorable dog walk with a romantic backdrop.

There are dog bowls dotted around the site so your pooch need never go thirsty as you explore. In addition, you’ll find toilets, shop and a cafe on-site meaning you’ll have all the facilities you need for a delightful day out with your family and dog. Some areas of the castle are inaccessible for wheelchairs and pushchairs, but there is still plenty to see and do here for all ages and abilities.

  • Walk Length: However long or short you fancy

  • Difficulty: Moderate

  • Starting Point: Main entrance

  • Terrain: Grass, cobbles, gravel, paths, stone floors, stairs

  • Free Parking: Yes (Entry fee to the castle)

  • Address: Castle Square, Ludlow, SY8 1AY

Brown Moss (And beyond)

Brown Moss nature reserve is a wonderful spot for a dog walk in Shropshire, and you could easily spend a few hours exploring the reserve and the various paths within. Otherwise, you can take this longer route that allows you to enjoy the beauty of Brown Moss as well as an extended stroll through the surrounding villages.

On your way along this route, you and your pup are welcome to stop by the White Lion in Ash, where you’ll both be welcome inside to enjoy a drink or tasty treat.

Alternatively, you can pack a picnic and pause in Brown Moss at either end of your walk to enjoy lunch in the picnic spot overlooking the lake, and drink in your beautiful surroundings.

  • Walk Length: 5.2km

  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Starting Point: Brown Moss

  • Terrain: Heathlands, woodland, paths, trails, flat

  • Free Parking: Yes

  • Address: Brown Moss, Whitchurch, SY13 4BX

More information: Woodland Trust

Granville country park

One of the largest and most wildlife-rich areas for a dog walk in Telford, this country park was made on the old Granville mine. Since the mine closed, nature has reclaimed the land and it now makes for a walk you wouldn’t realise was once heavily industrial, except for a few shells of old buildings hidden amidst the trees. Even the old mounds of pit waste have been transformed, now forming gently rolling grassland.

There are several waymarked paths and plenty of features your pup will get excited about, including ponds perfect for a quick swim. The pit mounds mentioned above can be steep, so if you and your pooch want to burn some extra energy, you can wander over these small hills.

But generally, the walking is flat and easy and the mounds can be easily avoided. Walking here, you can try to sniff out the remains of the industrial past, or simply enjoy the abundance of flowers and birds on a tranquil walk through the woodland.

Being close to Telford, you can take advantage of the ample amenities there. For example, the popular Woodbridge Inn, which offers a warm welcome to man and hound alike. Otherwise, there is a picnic area in the park so you can paw-se to enjoy a packed lunch in the gorgeous surroundings.

  • Walk Length: 4.2km

  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Starting Point: Car park

  • Terrain: Trails, woodland, heathland, flat, slopes, even

  • Free Parking: Yes

  • Address: Granville Road, off A4640 at the Granville Roundabout, Donnington Wood. TF2 7QG

More information: Walkiees

Woodland walks

Haughmond hill

Taking the pup to Haughmond Hill is a fantastic way to spend a few hours or a whole day. This spot is a hugely popular dog walk in Shropshire, and you’ll often find plenty of other pooches passing you on the trails.

Speaking of which, there are plenty of different routes for you to explore, all with rich and rewarding views. For example, the Geo trail offers stunning views over the Severn and Shropshire countryside, while Henry’s Hike has a fantastic outlook over The Wrekin.

We suggest taking the Wilfred Walk, named after war poet Wilfred Owen, and enjoy a circular walk of the woods and all it has to offer. There’s a lovely little cafe on-site where you and the pup can enjoy a pit stop. There are a few ponds and ditches, so your pooch might come back a bit wet and mucky. (So it might be a good idea to keep a towel in the car.)

If you fancy a longer walk or are local to Shrewsbury, you can walk from the town to Haughmond Hill by following the canal. If you do stop into town, be sure to pop into Ginger and Co Cafe, a cheerful, dog-friendly cafe.

  • Walk Length: 3.4km

  • Difficulty: Moderate

  • Starting Point: Car park

  • Terrain: Woodland, hill, uneven

  • Free Parking: No

  • Address: Newport Road, Shrewsbury, SY4 4PW

More information: GPS Routes

Dudmaston estate

Dudmaston Estate is the perfect place to visit with your pup for excellent dog walks in South Shropshire, and a delightful day out with your dog. We say this not only because the beautiful estate is home to a network of trails and beautiful walks, but there is also one of the most dog-friendly cafes you can find in the county.

The Pup and Saucer is not only brilliantly named, but a warm and welcoming cafe you and your pooch can rest in and tuck into some tasty homemade treats. Not to mention there’s canine cuisine on the menu and a tennis ball vending machine.

The estate itself is huge with plenty to explore with your pooch. They’re welcome to wander the park, orchard and courtyards on leads, and can roam off-lead throughout the wider parkland and Comer Woods. This woodland walk will take you through this historically-important estate, where you can stretch your legs and roam through picturesque countryside and enchanting woods.

  • Walk Length: 8.8km

  • Difficulty: Moderate

  • Starting Point: Car park

  • Terrain: Parkland, woodland, trails, flat, uneven

  • Free Parking: Yes

  • Address: Quatt, near Bridgnorth, Shropshire, WV15 6QN

More information: National Trust

Mortimer forest

Not far from the remarkable little town of Ludlow, which is worth a visit itself, is the marvellous Mortimer Forest. Named after the family of lords who reigned over the area for some 300 years, much of the forest is decidedly younger, having been planted in the 1920s. Large enough to straddle the county border with Herefordshire, you and your pup could spend hours roaming the woodland tracks.

If you’d like a longer walk, then you could stray beyond the confines of the conifers to follow this longer route from Ludlow’s ruined castle, to the forest, and back. Otherwise, simply staying within the woods makes for a wonderful dog walk where your pup can roam off-lead at length.

There are three car parks, with clearly marked trails starting from each, so pick the trail most suitable for your ability and park where appropriate. There’s plenty of wildlife to watch, picnic spots for a snack, and superb views over the quintessentially British countryside. But if that’s not enough, you can head into Ludlow for some shopping or a stop by Baker’s of Tower Street for a drink in their dog-friendly cafe.

  • Walk Length: 1.6km to 14.5km

  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Starting Point: Any of the car parks

  • Terrain: Woodland, trails, flat, uneven

  • Free Parking: Yes

  • Address: Wigmore Road, Ludlow, SY8 2HD

More information: Forestry England

Waterside walks

Onny Meadows

These lush water meadows beside the River Onny offer an excellent space for easy and accessible walking the whole family can enjoy, including the pup. They are part of the Shropshire Hills discovery centre, so there’s plenty of facilities and activities nearby to complement your walk. (Although dogs have to stay outside.)

Pups are welcome to enjoy the outside seating at the cafe and can join you in the picnic area. Otherwise, you can always venture into Craven Arms to visit the Cruck Inn for refreshments with your pooch.

The water meadows are a beautiful place to walk, and a hotspot for riverside wildlife like dragonflies and damselflies. There are benches along the various paths, all placed in spots where you can best enjoy the enchanting scenery.

The main paths are surfaced and accessible, but there are also mown grass paths along the river, plus longer, unsurfaced, circular walks in the meadows and woodland. The full walk around the meadows, riverbank and orchard gives you the opportunity to explore all of the habitats and features of the area, including the wild play area.

  • Walk Length: 2km

  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Starting Point: Shropshire Hills discovery centre

  • Terrain: Paths, trails, fields

  • Free Parking: Yes

  • Address: Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre, School Road, Craven Arms, Shropshire, SY7 9RS

More information: Shropshire Tourism

The Mere

This is a fitting walk whether you want to be by the waterside or amidst the trees, as The Mere’s enchanting scenery includes a glorious woodland as well as the focal point of the beautiful lake. At the size of 70 football pitches, The Mere is the largest of the meres and mosses in the area and a walk around the waterside and woods will keep you and your pooch out for a few hours.

There is an all-ability trail through the gardens and along the shore, meaning people of all ages and abilities can enjoy a stroll with their pup in the picturesque landscape. If you can, we suggest taking the longer tree trail. The majority of the paths are surfaced and suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs, but if you wander beyond the main routes you will find gently undulating trails.

There are facilities at The Mere, including a lovely waterside restaurant and visitor centre, although only humans are allowed inside. Luckily, the Red Lion pub is close by, where you and your pup will be welcome. You can then walk into Ellesmere to stroll around the market town.

  • Walk Length: 3km

  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Starting Point: The promenade

  • Terrain: Surfaced paths, flat, even

  • Free Parking: No

  • Address: Shrewsbury Road, Ellesmere, SY12 0PA

More information: GPS Routes

Abbots wood

This is a wonderful local dog walk in Monkmoor, with an easy to follow route that lets you explore the nature reserve and the Severn as it meanders through the countryside. You’re also not far from Shrewsbury centre, so should you pay a visit to the Dog And Pheasant, a pub which is as dog-friendly as the name would imply.

Returning to the walk, there are two short circular routes. The longer loop follows the riverbank and makes for a beautiful walk in the summer as you stroll under the blue sky listening to the water run on by.

Your dog will probably enjoy stopping for a swim, so take a moment to admire the surroundings will your pup paddles in the water.

  • Walk Length: 4km

  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Starting Point: Abbots Wood car park

  • Terrain: Paths, flat, even

  • Free Parking: Yes

  • Address: Eskdale Road, Shrewsbury, SY2 5UD

More information: Shropshire's Great Outdoors

Hampton Loade to Bridgnorth

This dog walk has plenty of points of interest and is a fantastic walk for the people to enjoy while their pup tags along. They’ll have their opportunity to be off lead and perhaps have a swim in the Severn, so will be quite content to trot along beside you as you savour this varied and interesting stroll between villages.

You can start from the station in Hampton Loade, but will have to use the train should you park there. (This route means you can enjoy a steam train ride back to the start, giving you the chance to enjoy the countryside anew as you chug through it.) From the station, you’ll walk along the river upstream towards Bridgnorth.

The path is easy to follow, and the route really is simple as you follow the Severn until you reach the main road bridge. You can either catch the train here or take the funky funicular railway up to Bridgnorth and explore the town for a bit.

You can stop to admire the ruined castle or enjoy a drink in the dog-friendly Railwayman Arms before you and your pooch hop on the train to ride back to the start. Back in Hampton Loade, you can find plenty more dog-friendly facilities, like the Unicorn Inn.

  • Walk Length: 9.8km

  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Starting Point: Hampton Loade station

  • Terrain: Trails, fields, flat, paths

  • Free Parking: Yes

  • Address: Chelmarsh, Bridgnorth, WV16 6BN

More information: Walking Britain

Hill walks

Brown Clee

This circular walk lets you sample a section of the Shropshire Way long distance path, as well as climb the highest hill in Shropshire. In fact, there is a local rumour that there are no hills eastward that are higher than the Clees until you reach the Ural Mountains in Russia. (A rumour that seems to be true!)

This long walk and ascent is a test of stamina, so be sure you and your pooch are prepared and capable of the trek. You’ll be in the heart of the countryside in isolated moorland, so you will need to take everything you’ll need for a few hours walking. You won’t find facilities, so it is key to be prepared. Although you are a short drive from a handful of pubs and hotels, such as the Tally Ho Inn or the Three Horseshoes, and can visit them for a hearty meal after your hike.

It is well worth making the trip to Brown Clee. This route is perhaps the best way to appreciate the Shropshire Hills, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and explore the rich history of the land. From abandoned industries like the quarries and mines to the sunken lanes used by humans since before the Iron Age. You will even visit the sites of several Iron Age forts, and the preserved fort at Nordy Bank remains formidable even now the land is quiet.

  • Walk Length: 11.2km

  • Difficulty: Challenging

  • Starting Point: Abdon village hall

  • Terrain: Trails, fields, hills

  • Free Parking: Yes

  • Address: Abdon, Craven Arms, SY7 9HZ

More information: Wikipedia

Linley hill

This circular walk by the Welsh border is one you and the dog are sure to love as you explore miles of attractive, open country and ancient trees. For the pups, it means a long off-lead walk with lots of places to sniff and explore. For the humans of the party, it’s a beautiful route with plenty of history.

Not only will you walk a stretch of the Shropshire way, but there is a majestic oak-lined lane that marks a trading route used some 6000 years ago. Now, the trees stand watching the forgotten path and make for a remarkable sight to the few who take this quiet walk.

Halfway on your walk to the hill, you’ll pass through Norbury, where you can pause to have some refreshments in The Coach House. Your pup is also welcome here, and you can even stay the night should you want. As you pass through town, be sure to pay attention to the impressive yew tree in the churchyard, one of the oldest trees in the county and thought to be almost 3000 years old.

  • Walk Length: 11km

  • Difficulty: Moderate

  • Starting Point: Lydham village hall

  • Terrain: Trails, fields, hills

  • Free Parking: Yes

  • Address: 4 The Terrace, Lydham, Bishops Castle, SY9 5HD

More information: Ordnance Survey

Clun circular

This long circular walk takes in some of the best countryside that Shropshire has to offer, and even samples sections of three of the counties long-distance footpaths, The Shropshire Way, Offa’s Dyke, and the Jack Mytton Way.

You will begin this route by the river and castle ruins in Clun, which makes it worth taking the time to paw-se and admire your surroundings despite being only the start of your walk. Your pup will have to stay on their lead as you navigate the lanes to make your way into the countryside north of the village, but once you’re out in the open, they’re free to roam and will have a whale of a time bounding through the fields under the open sky.

This is a long walk though, so even if they stay on the lead throughout they’re sure to be pooped by the end!

You’ll be walking along the flanks of hills and the dyke on this walk, and the climbs are sure to leave you with tired feet and paws by the finish. It’s best to pack some food and make yourself a picnic to enjoy immersed in the countryside, as you’ll spend all day walking and not meet much in the way of facilities. After your walk, you’re sure to have deserved a stop at the White Horse Inn for a hearty meal in this delightful and dog-friendly village pub.

  • Walk Length: 18.7km

  • Difficulty: Challenging

  • Starting Point: Clun car park

  • Terrain: Trails, fields, hills

  • Free Parking: Yes

  • Address: High Street, Clun, Craven Arms, Shropshire, SY7 8LJ

More information: Walking Britain

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