15 Terrific dog walks in Telford

Dog walks
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Nestled in the heart of Shropshire is the large town of Telford, a bustling and vibrant community that is one of the fastest-growing in the UK. Although a thriving, busy town, there are still plenty of pockets of green and natural oasis that you can explore with your pooch, as well as nearby, larger natural havens like The Wrekin, that provide abundant walks and hours of fun in the great outdoors.

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We’ve gathered 15 of our favourite dog walks in Telford and the surrounding area. If you’re happy to venture further afield, you can also check out our favourite dog walks in Shropshire. There is a walk through Granville Park, another area local to Telford, included on that list.

Country & park walks

Town park

This large park was recently voted one of the best in the UK, so we couldn’t fail to mention it on our list of the best dog walks in Telford. Not only is it a welcome green space within the town, but it is jam-packed with activities making it a great place for families to visit for a day out. As well as play areas, aerial ropes and mini-golf, there is all manner of different gardens and events throughout the year.

For those longing for a quieter stroll, you are catered for too. There are heritage and nature trails and a local nature reserve, paw-fect for a tranquil walk with your canine companion. Meanwhile, the main park is ideal for games of fetch and exciting walks and runs with your pup. After you and your pooch have had your fill of exercise, you can stop by the kiosk for a drink or snack, or perhaps sniff out the ice-cream van. There is plenty of parking available, Southwater multi-storey being the closest. Plus, the park is easy to access by public transport.

If you’re in the north of the park, you’ll find the Novello Lounge nearby, which makes a fantastic pit-stop for you and the pup. The food is good and dogs are welcome to dine with you inside or out, as well as always receiving a lot of fuss and a few treats.

  • Walk Length: Various

  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Starting Point: Park entrance

  • Terrain: Parkland, flat, even, paths, trails

  • Free Parking: No

  • Address: Southwater Multi-Storey Car Park, TF3 4EJ

More information: Telford Town Park, Telford.gov

Dawley park

This smaller park is great to remember as a beautiful, local green space that’s paw-fect to let your dog off the lead to stretch their legs. It’s the ideal spot for a gentle stroll around the level, tree-lined fields and gets the pup’s heart pumping with a game of fetch. If you find you need some exercise of your own, there is outdoor fitness equipment to use, and a play area for the kids to enjoy. You could stop by the flower beds and enjoy the gorgeous blooms to paw-se and appreciate the beautiful green heart of Dawley.

About two minutes walk away on the high street, you’ll find Dawley Pet Supplies, where you can stock up on dog snacks and toys. (Unless you’ve been lucky enough to find a tennis ball lost from the tennis courts!) Practically next door is the grade-II listed Elephant and Castle pub, which is as charming inside as out and you and your pooch will be welcome to step in for a drink.

  • Walk Length: 1.2km

  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Starting Point: Park entrance

  • Terrain: Parkland, flat, even, paths, trails

  • Free Parking: Yes

  • Address: Doseley Road, Dawley, Telford, TF4 3AL

More information: Telford.gov, Great Dawley

Buildwas abbey

Dogs on leads are welcome to explore the grounds of Buildwas Abbey with you. If you’d like to step into the abbey to see the indoor features, like the beautiful chapter house, you’ll have to leave your pup tethered outside or in the care of a trusted companion. Nevertheless, even if you don’t go inside the abbey, much of the majesty is the building itself, which you will have an ample view of as you wander the grounds.

Walking here is easy, given its well-kept lawns surrounding the abbey, which provides a beautiful backdrop to your walk. The abbey has a lovely woodland walk from the site and along the river, where you and your furry friend can stretch your legs and enjoy the idyllic riverside retreat. The walk can get quite muddy, especially after rain, so we suggest taking boots even in these well-cared grounds. After your stroll by the Severn, you can take a short drive into Coalbrookdale to step into one of the several pubs, like the Coalbrookdale Inn.

  • Walk Length: 1.7km

  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Starting Point: Buildwas Abbey

  • Terrain: Parkland, flat, even, trails

  • Free Parking: Yes

  • Address: Near Ironbridge, Telford, Shropshire, TF8 7BW

More information: English Heritage, Britain Express

Rough park

Despite its name, there is nothing rough about this patchwork of wildflower meadows and woodland. This short walk is one of three nature walks to enjoy in Madeley. There is further woodland flanking the meadows here, and you could take an amble through these to extend your walk. Otherwise, this is an especially delightful walk in early summer when the flowers come to life, and the fields are abuzz with grasshoppers. There are also a few streams and pools which your pup might try to paddle in.

This is a beautiful hidden gem of a dog walk in Telford, and a natural haven. It makes for a short but pleasant hour or two strolling through the grassland with your pooch. You’re not far from the Coalbrookdale Inn, and can paw-se for a drink there, which we mentioned in the Buildwas Abbey walk.

  • Walk Length: 2.2km

  • Difficulty: Moderate

  • Starting Point: Newcomen Way

  • Terrain: Trails, grassland, woodland, slopes

  • Free Parking: Yes

  • Address: Newcomen Way, Telford, TF7 5UG

More information: Telford.gov

Weald moors

This wetland landscape of the Weald Moors is a far cry from the busy town just a few miles away. It’s an important habitat for wildlife, which means dogs must be under control at all times, but they are welcome to join you on a wander around the wetlands.

There are streams, rivers, and canals cutting through the countryside here, providing homes and highways for all kinds of aquatic species which you might be lucky enough to find. From waterside regulars like herons to more adorable and elusive critters like voles and otters. You’re sure to sniff out something interesting on a stroll through this lush, green blanket of meadows. You’re also likely to spot some of the sweet cattle that graze here, so be aware of livestock and keep your lead handy.

After spending a few hours watching the world go by in beautiful surroundings, you can take a short drive to one of several pubs such as the stylish Sutherland Arms, which welcomes people and pooches alike.

  • Walk Length: Various

  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Starting Point: Various - Wall Farm

  • Terrain: Trails, grassland, wetland, flat

  • Free Parking: Yes

  • Address: Wall Farm, Preston on the Weald, TF6 6EQ

More information: Telford.gov, Ramblers

Much Wenlock to Arlescott

Much Wenlock is a pretty town near Ironbridge Gorge, and probably the walk on this list farthest away from Telford. It’s well worth the trip though, as you will have stunning views of local natural landmarks like The Wrekin and Brown Clee. You and your pooch will also have the op-paw-tunity to visit the site of the Medieval village of Arlescott.

Meanwhile, visiting Much Wenlock is interesting enough thanks to the attractive historical architecture, and the local Wenlock Olympian Games, which were a forerunner of the modern Olympics. You and your pooch don’t need to be athletes to enjoy this ramble through the countryside, but you will need some good walking shoes.

There are plenty of pubs in Wenlock so you have your pick of where to paw-se for a rest and refreshments. The George & Dragon Inn and The Fox are both delightful and dog-friendly.

  • Walk Length: 11km

  • Difficulty: Moderate

  • Starting Point: The Cooke clock

  • Terrain: Paths, flat, even, trails, slopes, meadows

  • Free Parking: Yes

  • Address: St Mary's Lane, Much Wenlock, TF13 6AE

More information: Telford.gov PDF, Shropshire.gov

Town walks

South Telford heritage trail

This long, circular walk will be an on-lead affair for the pup, but it makes for an interesting, historical walk for the humans as you will pass by no less than 49 heritage sites in Telford. Not to mention, spending time walking on the paths is more beneficial than we owners usually remember, as it will help file down your pup’s claws. And given the length of the walk, they’re sure to be well exercised.

That being said, you can always stop into one of the green spaces in the town along the route should you want to let them have a burst of activity off the lead. For example, the start and end of the walk follow the perimeter of the Town Park, which we listed previously as one of the best dog walks in Telford.

The route is divided into several smaller sections, so you can easily take a shorter walk following one of those maps. As this walk visits different areas of South Telford, you’ll find plenty of local amenities. And although this is a route exploring the industrial heritage sites of the town, you’ll also skirt several woods, parks, and the canal so you’ll still have plenty of green spaces to visit too.

  • Walk Length: 20km

  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Starting Point: Withy Pool (Various)

  • Terrain: Paths, flat, even

  • Free Parking: Not at Withy Pool (Check other starting points)

  • Address: Oldpark, Telford, TF3 4HD

More information: Telford.gov

Hutchison way

Named after the late chief executive of Telford & Wrekin council, this long-distance route from Wellington to Newport combines countryside with the town centre and explores every possible habitat and surrounding of the Telford area.

At 30km long, the walk is best tackled in short sections, otherwise, you will have to dedicate a whole day to follow its path and return to the start on the train. This is another walk mostly on the lead, but given how long you’ll be outside and exercising, we’re sure your pup won’t mind. The walking is easy, but given the length of the route, you’ll need plenty of stamina.

You’ll ramble through farmland and woodland, as well as green spaces like the Granville Country Park - one of our favourite dog walks in Telford and Shropshire - in addition to traipsing through Telford town centre. It means there is plenty to see on this walk, including fantastic views of The Wrekin. There’s also a variety of places to paw-se for a pit-stop, be it a picnic spot in the park, a charming pub in one of the smaller settlements, or an eatery in the town centre. If you’re tackling a smaller section of the route, be sure to check out what amenities are in that area.

  • Walk Length: 30km

  • Difficulty: Moderate

  • Starting Point: Wellington

  • Terrain: Paths, flat, woodland, parkland, trails, slopes

  • Free Parking: Yes

  • Address: Tan Bank, Wellington, Telford, TF1 1HE

More information: GPS Routes

Woodland walks

Apley woods

With woods, water features, and even a castle on this short stroll, you and your pooch are sure to find something exciting and on this varied route and mixed habitat, with plenty to see and smell. It’s a great little spot for woodland dog walks in Telford.

There is a short accessibility trail around the woods which makes about 20 minutes walk for one circuit. Otherwise, there is a longer woodland walk which takes the same route, plus an additional section up to and around Apley Pool. This means both walks pass by the site of the Georgian manor house and the castle. There are also sculptures scattered around the woodland that you can sniff out along your stroll

For a pit-stop, you’re only a mile from the Malt Shovel Inn, a lovely pub that welcomes dogs. You can easily walk there after a stroll around the woods to enjoy a drink or bite to eat.

  • Walk Length: 4km

  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Starting Point: The Castle or Peregrine Way

  • Terrain: Trails, woodland, even, flat

  • Free Parking: Yes

  • Address: Peregrine Way, TF1 6TH

More information: Telford.gov

Dale coppice

This is another short but glorious woodland dog walk in Telford, and yet another that’s close to the Coalbrookdale Inn. So should you need a pit stop, head there before or after your walk. You will also reach the White Horse Inn at the far end of this walk.

This woodland walk makes it easy to forget you’re in the middle of a town, as the woodland is tight and has a dense understorey, which your dog will no doubt love to nose through. You’ll also have a lovely view back towards Coalbrookdale from the top of the stone path, and should be able to see the church through the trees.

There is another walk that starts from the same location as this route and explores another of the woodlands, Oilhouse Coppice. Both of these routes skirt Rough Park, which we previously mentioned as one of our favourite dog walks in Telford. If you’re feeling adventurous or want to spend hours in the great outdoors, why not combine all three walks?

  • Walk Length: 3km

  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Starting Point: The Coke Hearth

  • Terrain: Trails, woodland, uneven, slopes

  • Free Parking: No

  • Address: 2 Wellington Rd, Coalbrookdale, Telford, TF8 7DX

More information: Telford.gov, Severn Gorge PDF

The Sabbath walks

Created by Quaker ironmaster Richard Reynolds, the Sabbath Walks were existing trails that were widened and levelled and used by workers on Sundays to enjoy a stroll outdoors for the benefits of exercise and fresh air. Now, you and your pooch can enjoy a gentle amble along these same pathways.

Reynolds also created one of the first publicly accessible parks, centuries before national and country parks were created. The park and walks featured many points of interest, including arbour seats, Doric temple, and rotunda, which you can still visit and enjoy today. The view from the Rotunda is remarkable, as you’ll see the village nestled in the hollow of the trees.

This walk combines a walk through Dale Coppice, one of the dog walks mentioned above, as well as a walk around Lincoln Hill. Again, this route skirts Rough Park, so you can explore this other delightful dog walking spot to extend your walk, or add on the walk around Oilhouse Coppice.

  • Walk Length: 3km

  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Starting Point: Dale End car park

  • Terrain: Trails, woodland, level, flat, slopes

  • Free Parking: Yes

  • Address: Coalbrookdale, Telford, TF8 7AX

More information: Severn Gorge PDF

Waterside walks

Holmer lake

A short walk around the calm waters of Holmer lake is a great way to spend some time outdoors with your pooch, and you’ll also get to explore some of the wild, ancient woodlands of the area. The walk is on trails throughout, and we suggest boots as it can be wet and uneven if it’s been raining. However, it’s a wonderful oasis of tranquillity in Telford, paw-fect to visit to connect with nature with your pup. There’s an abundance of wildlife around, as well as a variety of flora and fauna. In fact, the woods are alive with bluebells and wild garlic in spring.

It’s a short walk, and you will have to follow your nose and existing trails to make your way around. There are no mapped routes that we know of, but it is easy to follow. This area is one of those local, hidden gems everyone should take the time to visit. The friends of Holmer Lake often run events, so it’s worth checking what’s on. The Mallard pub is practically on top of the lake, and an ideal place to paw-se and enjoy a view over the water with a drink.

  • Walk Length: >5km

  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Starting Point: Car park

  • Terrain: Trails, flat, uneven

  • Free Parking: Yes

  • Address: 15 Holmer Lane, Stirchley, TF3 1QJ

More information: YouTube, Park Me

Ironbridge circular

This wonderful circular walk along a stretch of the Severn starts and ends at the Woodbridge Inn, a charming country pub pup-ular with dog walkers and ramblers. The views over the river from the pub terrace are gorgeous on a summer day, but you could be lucky and get a window-side table inside overlooking the water.

The walk follows the river and the trackbed of an old railway line to Ironbridge, the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, and home to the famous iron bridge. The walk is mostly flat but has some steep slopes. The return leg is on the opposite bank of the river and follows a section of the Silkin Way long-distance path. There is a long stretch of walking on a narrow pavement beside a road on the return leg, so either keep your pup on the lead or retrace your steps and follow the first half of the route back again.

  • Walk Length: 2.5km

  • Difficulty: Moderate

  • Starting Point: The Woodbridge Inn

  • Terrain: Trails, slopes, steps, generally flat, paths

  • Free Parking: Yes

  • Address: Coalport, Telford, TF8 7JF

More information: All Trails

Priorslee pub walk

This walk starts and ends at The Priorslee, a Greene King pub and grill. You’ll have to sit outside with the pup, but that’s hardly a bore when you have such good views over the lake. Many people here simply walk around the garden and lake before having a tipple, but this route follows a longer circuit around the waterside, then back through town to the pub. (So be sure to have your pooch on a lead on the latter part of the walk.)

You can park at the pub, provided you are a patron before or after your walk. You and the pooch can savour basking in the sun in the garden and enjoying a drink, and perhaps take another lap around the lake before you leave. It’s a delightful, local dog walk to remember for a sunny day.

  • Walk Length: 4.8km

  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Starting Point: The Priorslee

  • Terrain: Trails, flat, paths, even

  • Free Parking: Yes

  • Address: 12 Priorslee Avenue, Priorslee, Telford, TF2 9SW

More information: Walking and Wine

Hill walks

The Wrekin

Pup-ular with locals and tourists alike, The Wrekin is a prominent feature of the Telford landscape. With an ancient fortress at its peak, and crowned with a radio transmitter that can be seen for miles. Once you’re up the top, you’ll have clear views over miles of the Shropshire countryside and Shropshire Hill AONB. In fact, on a clear day, you can see 17 counties! It’s the paw-fect walk to make you and your pup feel on top of the world, and no wonder it’s a firm favourite dog walk in Telford.

You could spend hours walking in the Wrekin forest with your pup. However, the walk up the hill is easy and will give you and your pup a little push to make you feel more exercised. It’s worth returning for walks here as there are a variety of routes to take, and geological features to find, like The Needle, which you will pass on this walk. After your ramble, you can take a well-earned rest at The Huntsman Inn in Little Wenlock, a cosy country pub you and your pooch are sure to enjoy.

  • Walk Length: 8km

  • Difficulty: Moderate

  • Starting Point: Shropshire Wildlife Trust car park

  • Terrain: Trails, woodland, hills

  • Free Parking: Yes

  • Address: Little Wenlock, Telford, TF6 5AL

More information: Country FileGPS Routes

More information about Telford: Discover Telford, Wikipedia

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