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Can dogs eat grapes?

Health & Wellbeing

Grapes and raisins (raisins are simply dried grapes) are not suitable for dogs to eat and are toxic to dogs. Dogs should not eat grapes as even small amounts could be fatally toxic. If a dog ate some grapes, they could suffer from severe kidney damage, vomiting and a sensitive stomach.

Can dogs eat grapes

All dogs should not eat grapes (or onions), it does not matter what breed, age or gender and since there’s no proven amount that is safe you should avoid them altogether. And this goes for all kinds of grapes even seedless and peeled. It might be confusing because grapes look a lot like dates, which are a safe fruit for our dogs to eat.

Make sure all grapes are out of reach of dogs and don’t have them in a bowl on a table somewhere like many homes do. Dogs will eat anything and can’t be trusted to simply not eat the grapes.

If your dog does eat grapes, they might suffer from one or more of these symptoms:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Decreased appetite
  • Lethargy/weakness
  • Dehydration
  • Decreased or no urine production
  • Sensitive stomach

Even if you don’t see any of these symptoms, please consult your local vet and let them know your dog may have ingested grapes. Fast action is key as the sooner you catch it the easier it is to treat. If left untreated these symptoms could increase in severity and could lead to kidney failure.

Grapes are a really dangerous fruit, but they're many fruits that are totally safe for dogs to each, such as apples for one. We include apples in our Pure recipes so your dog gets a good dose of vitamins A and C every time they eat their dinner. Pure is nutritionally balanced and complete, allowing your dog to enjoy meals that are not only tasty, but really healthy too.