Can dogs eat mango?

Written by Dr Andrew Miller MRCVSDr Andrew Miller MRCVS is an expert veterinary working in the field for over 10 years after graduating from Bristol University. Andy fact checks and writes for Pure Pet Food while also working as a full time veterinarian. Pure Pet FoodPure Pet Food are the experts in healthy dog food and healthy dogs featured in media outlets such as BBC, Good Housekeeping and The Telegraph. Working with high profile veterinary professionals and nutritionists, Pure Pet Food are changing dog food for the better. - Our editorial process

Dogs can eat mango, including the skin but be aware that dogs could choke on a mango seed and the skin can be difficult to digest so it’s best to remove it. The seed of a mango is a serious choking hazard and contains small amounts of cyanide and should be avoided.

Similar to bananas, mangoes are high in fibre, vitamin A, B6, C and E. The high fibre content could cause an upset stomach or diarrhoea in dogs and stools should be monitored when starting to feed mango. Mango is also high in sugar which can cause dental decay and could cause more complicated issues in diabetic dogs such as gastrointestinal issues.

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Typically, veterinarian professionals wouldn’t recommend feeding mango to your dog due to the potential complications and high sugar content. Before feeding any mango to your dog it’s best to consult your veterinarian to make sure you don’t overfeed.

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