Can dogs eat green beans?

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For many owners, finding natural and healthy foods for their pets is super important. Swapping out highly-processed dog food for fresh ingredients and trading treats for fruits, veg, and meaty tidbits is one way many of us are trying to help our pups live healthier and happier lives.

Yet we are also well aware of the fact that not every wholesome human snack is safe for dogs to eat. Onions and grapes are two examples of healthy human foods that are actually toxic to dogs.

One vegetable that is regularly talked about as safe and healthy for dogs is green beans. Read on to find out why green beans are great for your pup and what kinds of green bean your dog can eat.

Can dogs eat green beans?

Yes, dogs can eat green beans. Green beans are not toxic to dogs and your pooch is safe to eat them whether they are raw or cooked. If you cook your green beans first, be sure to serve them plain and without any seasoning. Fresh green beans make the healthiest kind you can offer your pup as there are no additives or preservatives.

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Canned green beans are uncommon here in the UK, but they are still safe for dogs to eat if they are preserved in water. Just be aware that there may be additives present, such as salt.

Because of the salt content, only feed your dog a few canned beans to prevent any risk of dehydration or salt poisoning. Ideally, fresh green beans are better for your pup and far healthier, but frozen beans are also perfectly safe and nutritious.

Frozen green beans are a cheap and convenient vegetable many of us have in our freezers, and they’re safe to feed to your dog both frozen and cooked. In fact, frozen veggies like green beans or carrots can make great cooling treats in summer as well as super soothers for teething pups.

Can dogs eat green beans raw?

Yes, dogs can eat green beans raw and uncooked. If you are feeding your dog raw green beans, remember to cut them into pieces before serving them.

While a whole green bean might seem like a satisfyingly crunchy snack, it can be a choking hazard.

Are green beans good for dogs?

Yes, green beans are a good alternative to treats for dogs but also great in dog food as they are both tasty and healthy. Green beans contain minerals like potassium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, and even calcium.

There’s also a cocktail of vital vitamins including vitamins A, C, and K. This all makes green beans a perfect choice for a healthy and natural snack to offer your fur baby.

Feeding your pooch green beans can even help them to lose weight. These veggies are full of fibre which will help your dog to feel fuller, as well as keeping them regular.

Because green beans are naturally low in carbs and fat but still help satisfy hunger, offering your dog beans as a treat can cut down on their calories. Since replacing treats with green beans is an easy and nutritious way to help your dog maintain a healthy weight.

How to get a dog to lose weight

The most effective, healthy, and sustainable way to help your dog to lose weight is to feed them a complete, natural diet that isn't highly processed in the correct volume to ensure they are within their recommended caloric intake. Pure Pet Food has helped plenty of pooches lose weight and maintain a healthy weight and body.

You should also gradually increase the amount of exercise your dog has each day. If you’re worried about your pet’s weight, book a consultation with your vet. They’ll be happy to discuss a safe treatment plan for your pooch.

Recap: Can dogs eat green beans?

Yes, dogs can eat all kinds of green beans including raw, cooked, canned, and frozen. They make a healthy snack option for your dog and can be included in some healthy dog foods.

We include loads of other veggies into our Pure recipes, such as cabbage, carrots and peas, so your dog gets a whole does of nutrients and vitamins every time they take a bite of their dinner.

Pure is complete, wholesome dog food, packed full of goodness, and really tasty too!