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Do you have any tips on feeding my fussy pet?

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Just like some humans, fussy pets can be challenging when trying new food. The additives, flavourings and other nasties commonly added in to lower quality food can be more appealing than fresh meat, fruit and vegetables. However, the following tips might come in handy:

Allow longer to rehydrate to create a thicker consistency or vice versa – try this until you find a consistency that your pet prefers.

Add tasty extras such as a little fresh meat, natural yoghurt or a sprinkle of cheese to meals.

Put the food down for 30 minutes, if they don’t eat it within that time period take it away until their next meal – remember to keep refrigerated to retain freshness. Although possibly the most difficult, this is the most important tip to follow if you really want to persevere with your pet being fed a healthy fresh food diet.

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