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How do I change my delivery address?

How It All Works

Go to your account and click the Deliveries button on the menu on the left or click here. To change the delivery address, click into the delivery you want to change, then click the Change address button and choose from one of the addresses in the dropdown.

If the address you want to change to is not in that dropdown click on My Details on the left menu and click the Add new button next to the My addresses header. Fill out the form and click Add new. Then, go back to your deliveries page and select the new address from the dropdown.

If you have more than one plan, make sure you are editing the address for the correct plan. When you change the address for a plan in the deliveries menu this will change the address for all deliveries of this plan after the delivery date you changed, if you have multiple plans you need to update this address for all different plans. For more information on how to change your details click here.

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