How to treat lethargy in dogs


In some cases, if your dog’s tiredness is due to overexertion or a mild passing bug, 24 hours rest and relaxation is probably all your pup needs to bounce back to his normal self, eagerly greeting you at the door again with his tail wagging furiously.

However, if his symptoms go on for longer your dog really needs to visit the vet. His treatment will vary widely depending on the condition he is diagnosed with. Some issues such as a parasite infection or a dietary indiscretion can probably be resolved quite simply, but if it turns out to be a more serious problem such as canine diabetes, heart problems or a respiratory disease your pet may require a longer-term treatment plan.

If your vet thinks that inadequate nutrition is to blame or if your pooch has been found to be suffering from pancreatitis or IBS you might find that transitioning your dog onto a low processed, healthy diet such as Pure Pet foods could make a marked difference to your furry friend's energy levels. Turkey Terrific and Chicken Dinner are especially suitable for dogs that suffer from sensitive stomachs and dietary intolerances for whatever the reason. Pure is also fabulous for senior dogs who might need something more than a bowl of dry biscuits to tempt them to eat, as dogs just like us can become more selective later in life, the food is also suitable for dogs that need to keep an eye on their waistline or have dental issues, both of which can be the culprit of lethargy.

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