How to treat pancreatitis in dogs


The vet will decide on a course of treatment for your dog if his pancreatitis is severe this will probably involve him staying over at the vet's for a couple of days on a drip to get fluids into him and keep him hydrated while his pancreas is recovering. If it is a milder form the vet might prescribe anti-sickness medication, pain relief and rest. When your dog is diagnosed with pancreatitis in can be very worrying but there are things you change about his diet and lifestyle to try and prevent a reoccurrence.

The appropriate dog pancreatitis diet is low in fat, low carb and free from additives. Pure is an ideal dog food for pancreatitis sufferers, especially the Turkey Terrific and Fish Supper varieties which contain less than 10% fat and are easily digestible. Most dogs also find it very appetising so it should tempt them back into good eating habits. There are some very heartwarming success stories on the site from owners who have seen their dogs improve no end from eating Pure, one pooch that has gone from suffering regular attacks to never experiencing an episode again!

Just like us, snacking can be the cause of dogs piling on the pounds so feeding healthy low-fat treats such as pieces of carrot, broccoli or lean chicken, which my dogs love, meaning you can still reward your pooch for good behaviour even if they’re watching their weight on a low-fat diet. Of course, regular exercise helps to keep your dog’s weight in check too!

If you suspect your dog is suffering from pancreatitis a trip to the vet is necessary, but treatment over, reassessing his diet is the way to go.

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