How to treat symptoms of itchy skin in dogs

Written by Dr Andrew Miller MRCVSDr Andrew Miller MRCVS is an expert veterinary working in the field for over 10 years after graduating from Bristol University. Andy fact checks and writes for Pure Pet Food while also working as a full time veterinarian. - Our editorial process

So let’s assume your dog is tick, mite and flea-free but they’re still scratching like mad: what next? The good news is that there will be a solution.

Don’t be tempted to over-do the shampoo treatments - too much scrubbing with harsh chemicals can strip their skin of sebum, the natural protective oil that keeps their skin supple. Once you have ruled out scenarios such as a change in washing powder or exposure of your dog to a field full of pollen they’ve not experienced before, take them along to your vet who will investigate the root of their troublesome tickling.

They will want to know details of their diet, their environment and daily routine to give them as much information as possible to get to the bottom of the problem. If it turns out that the diet is making their skin crawl, switching to a natural diet made from limited ingredients can help. Some dogs are sensitive to grains in their diet: these can set off an inflammatory reaction, triggering itchy and sore skin so it's worth looking into a personalised diet. So what can you feed to your sensitive dog?

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At Pure Pet Food, we are proud to say that our ingredients lists are natural and very, very short. We don’t use chemical preservatives, fillers or additives of any kind so you won’t find any nasties lurking in our meals. With minimal processing involved before it hits the dog dish, our food is packed full of honest goodness. It’s like a homemade diet without all the trouble because we’ve prepared it for you, complete with a guarantee that it’s nutritionally complete and balanced. And just to mention, our diets are fully personalised, taste really good and are rich in skin-pampering nutrients such as omega-3, omega-6 and zinc.

Want a bit of instant relief for your dog’s itchy skin? Coconut oil works wonders - rub a very small amount between your hands and apply to the fur, massaging down into the skin. It’s perfectly safe so if your dog has a little lick of it, there’s no need to worry. Packed with beneficial fatty acids and vitamin E, coconut oil is known for its ability to soothe and moisturise inflamed dry skin. For a tasty treatment, try our Meaty Sweetie treats containing coconut oil to nourish and hydrate that flaky skin.