How to treat weight gain in dogs

Weight Management

Once any medical conditions have been either ruled out or brought under control, lifestyle changes can start being implemented, including an increased exercise programme and selecting a quality weight loss dog food. The best dog food for weight loss is one that is full of quality ingredients and nutritionally balanced.

It is important that the dieting dog still receive all the vitamins and minerals that they need, even at lower levels of food going in. A number of pet food manufacturers include on their websites a dog feeding calculator by weight, and you can use this to find out how much your dog needs, both when at a fit weight and to lose weight steadily and safely.

Excellent, highly digestible options in the Pure dog food range include Chicken Dinner and Turkey Terrific, both of which contain moderate protein levels and low fat (Turkey Terrific is just 8% fat).

An idea for dogs that eat quickly is to give their food in ways that slow them down and make them work a little harder for it. There are a number of commercially available feeding toys and sites that give advice on homemade enrichment toys that will make the speedy eater have to slow down and take longer over their food.

When it comes to weight control dog food is not the entire solution. Start your overweight dog on an increased exercise programme. Be careful not to overdo things at first, but start gently and increase the intensity as your dog starts to be visibly slimmer and fitter.

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