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How to treat lethargy in dogs

In some cases, if your dog’s tiredness is due to overexertion or a mild passing bug, 24 hours rest and relaxation is probably all your pup needs to bounce back to his normal self, eagerly greeting you at the door again with his tail wagging furiously.

Signs and symptoms of lethargy in dogs

Dogs sleep a lot, in fact, our canine companions will spend almost half their lives napping, usually though if they catch a sniff of their food being prepared or hear the sound of their lead jangling, they are suddenly wide awake and ready to take on the world.

What causes lethargy in dogs?

If you are thinking to yourself ‘my dog seems more tired than usual’ it’s natural to worry about what’s causing it. It could be something really simple, for instance, my oldest girl appears very lethargic and goes right off her food when she’s coming into season. Perhaps your pooch has had a change in his daily routine which has stressed him out, maybe he’s started attending an exciting new dog daycare centre – that can really tire a pup out!

What is lethargy in dogs?

All dogs love their daily walks, well most of them anyway so if your dog seems tired and unenthusiastic about going out or doing other activities, they usually enjoy such as playing or eating it can be a bit of a worry. There could be an obvious reason for your dog feeling lethargic – maybe it’s very hot or perhaps your pooch is exhausted after a long walk or adventure, but it can also be the first clue you get that your dog isn’t feeling quite himself.

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