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Tips for transitioning and how much to feed


If your pet is swapping from a dry biscuit or tinned food, we always recommend that Pure is slowly introduced into current meals. Each pet is unique, so the speed at which they will adapt to eating a different diet will vary. If your pet is already fed a fresh, raw or home-prepared diet they will often transition to Pure much faster.

Follow our top tips to make sure the transition to your pet’s new Pure diet is a smooth one, watch this video for the tips.


  • Slowly introduce the food starting with as little as a single scoop
  • Cut back on any treats and scraps between meals.
  • Stick to two meals per day. Removing the food after 15 minutes if not eaten.
  • Use warm water to provide a warm meal and help bring out our recipe’s tasty fresh food smell!
  • Add more water or leave to rehydrate for longer to find the consistency that your dog prefers.

Transition Guide PDF Download