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How to treat weight gain in dogs

Once any medical conditions have been either ruled out or brought under control, lifestyle changes can start being implemented, including an increased exercise programme and selecting a quality weight loss dog food. The best dog food for weight loss is one that is full of quality ingredients and nutritionally balanced.

How to treat weight loss in dogs

Sudden unexplained or persistent weight loss or weight loss associated with symptoms of persistent vomiting, diarrhoea or abdominal pain should trigger a visit to your vet. They can identify any underlying causes and prescribe medication or management of the condition if required.

What causes weight gain in dogs?

The most common reasons for weight gain are the same for dogs as for humans – too many calories in compared to calories out. The dog is eating too much or the wrong kinds of foods and not getting enough exercise to burn them off, leaving an excess to be stored as fat. Poor quality foods can be full of salts and fat, which may encourage the dog to eat more, but the nutritional content in the food is not good.

What causes weight loss in dogs?

There is a wide range of things that can cause a dog to lose weight. The most basic of these is that the dog is not absorbing enough calories from their food to meet their energy requirements. This could be because the food that the dog is offered does not contain the right nutrients for them, or they do not like the taste of it. Some dogs are also quite fussy in what they will like to eat and can be very selective.

What is weight management for dogs?

Just as it is for us, keeping our dogs within an ideal weight range is important for their health and wellbeing. Overweight dogs are at an increased risk of a number of illnesses and problems with their organs and joints. Being overweight, even by a relatively low proportion, can potentially shorten a dog’s life expectancy. A dog that is losing weight unexpectedly or consistently failing to put weight on despite feeding for weight gain could have one of a number of conditions as an underlying cause. For a wide range of reasons, being aware of a dog’s weight and condition is very important.

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