What causes pancreatitis in dogs?


I bet the question you’re asking yourself now is – what are the causes of Pancreatitis in dogs? Well, dogs that are overweight or obese are more at risk, as are dogs that eat a highly-processed diet, such as extruded kibble or in fact any diet that is high in fat and low in protein.

Giving dogs fatty human titbits are commonly believed to play a part too, so don’t be tempted to give your dog the fat from your juicy steak or lamb chop, even if he’s drooling and giving you big puppy dog eyes. Sometimes pancreatitis can be triggered by a single indulgence, as my cocker spaniel knows too well. After helping herself to a large fatty lamb steak she ended up on a drip in the vets for 24 hours, thankfully it was a one-off experience for her, but it made me more aware than ever to watch what she ate.

Dogs have also been known to suffer an attack after surgery or trauma, older dogs are thought to be more at risk, and there is some research to suggest it may be linked to autoimmune disease or allergies or taking certain medications. You may never know for sure what has caused it, but the good news is that due to medical experts researching and understanding the treatment and management of the condition, the dog pancreatitis death rate is much less than it was.

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