What is an itchy dog?

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The skin is the largest organ in your dog’s body, responsible for providing a natural barrier against harmful germs. As one of the first lines of defence against infection, it’s really important it stays healthy and intact.

Did you know that dog skin is much thinner than ours? This makes them prone to skin conditions, so it comes as no surprise that skin troubles are one of the top reasons for a dog to visit the vet. Healthy dog skin is smooth (not scaly or flaky) and free of crusty areas or hot spots (places where the skin is red, moist and sore).

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The odd bit of scratching is perfectly normal but when a dog starts to scratch or lick excessively this signals itchy or sensitive skin, which isn’t necessarily a skin-deep problem. Not only will the scratching drive your pooch round the twist, but it’s also distressing for owners to watch. It can cause further problems too, such as hair loss, sore skin, scabbing and the excessive scratching can even cause issues such as hematomas, which are essentially blood blisters within the ears.