What is flaky skin in dogs?

Health and Wellbeing

There are lots of other names for flaky skin: scale, scurf, dandruff… whatever you want to call these little clumps of dead skin cells, they can spoil the look of an otherwise flawless, shiny coat. But is it all just a cosmetic problem? Your dog won’t turn a hair at a bit of dandruff on their shoulders but it’s the accompanying irritating itchiness that really gets under their skin.

Dog skin conditions are one of the top reasons a dog visits the vet. Doggy dandruff is a common symptom of sub-standard skin but, thankfully, an easily resolvable one. So what’s the cause and what can be done about it? This quick guide will take you through what to look out for as well as causes of flaky skin, from nutritional deficiencies to too many baths. We’ll give you some tips on how to prevent and treat flaky skin and help get your dog’s skin and coat looking tip-top once more.

Dr Andrew Miller BVSc MRCVS

Written by: Dr Andrew Miller MRCVS

Andy graduated from Bristol University in 2010 and sees nutrition as a foundation for our pet's wellbeing and takes a common-sense approach. We are what we eat, and it shouldn't be any different for our pets.