What is lethargy in dogs?


All dogs love their daily walks, well most of them anyway so if your dog seems tired and unenthusiastic about going out or doing other activities, they usually enjoy such as playing or eating it can be a bit of a worry. There could be an obvious reason for your dog feeling lethargic – maybe it’s very hot or perhaps your pooch is exhausted after a long walk or adventure, but it can also be the first clue you get that your dog isn’t feeling quite himself.

You know your dog and you know what’s normal for him, however, if your dog’s tired all the time and you can’t explain it away, you’ll want to find out why. The cause of lethargy in dogs can be down to many things, as it is a symptom that something’s wrong and not an ailment in itself. Try not to get too stressed out as it may be because of something quite minor that’s easily treatable but it can be indicative of a chronic underlying condition or a serious illness, and that needs to be addressed.

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