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Why not just feed raw pet food or home cook?

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We think that a balanced raw or home-cooked diet is a fantastic way to feed your pet. However, for a lot of pet owners, a number of factors mean that is not a possibility. Pure food takes away the inconvenience of needing all that extra freezer space for raw meat bought in bulk, the health risks of chopping up animal carcasses in human kitchens where young children are at risk of picking up nasty bacteria, the time involved in preparing meals, the cost in purchasing fresh ingredients every week (for those not lucky enough to be best friends with their local butcher!) and the worry that your home prepared meal might not be balanced and meet all of your pet's nutritional needs. Most importantly, however, Pure not only takes away all of the above but allows owners to still provide a high-quality, low processed natural pet food with all the nutritional benefits of a balanced raw or home-cooked diet.

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