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How to treat fatigue in dogs?

Sometimes dogs bounce back to their normal selves after 24 hours rest and relaxation, especially if their fatigue is down to a passing mild bug or exhaustion after an extremely active day.

Signs and symptoms of fatigue in dogs

Although it’s normal for dogs to sleep a lot a healthy dog is usually wide awake and raring to go if he thinks there’s a walk or food in the offing! If your dog is still slumped in his bed looking tired and deflated when there are things going on around him he usually enjoys, it’s probably going to be the first inkling you get that he’s not feeling himself.

What causes fatigue in dogs?

A tired dog that also shows less or no interest in activities they usually enjoy such as going for a walk or a game of tug and seems listless is probably suffering from fatigue.

What is fatigue in dogs?

We humans can get inordinately jealous of the way our dogs can sleep anywhere, anytime but it’s perfectly normal for your dog to spend lots of his time napping when there’s nothing interesting going on. However, if your dog’s tired all the time and seems to have lost his enthusiasm for life it’s known as fatigue or lethargy and that can be a bit of a worry.

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