How to treat fatigue in dogs?


Sometimes dogs bounce back to their normal selves after 24 hours rest and relaxation, especially if their fatigue is down to a passing mild bug or exhaustion after an extremely active day.

If your dog still seems tired and fatigued for more than a day though it really is best to take your pet to the vet, take him sooner of course if you are worried or he has multiple symptoms. The treatment he receives will depend on his diagnosis, it might be something that requires a single treatment such as a parasite infection or a chronic or more serious condition that demands longer-term or ongoing treatment.

Some conditions that cause fatigue might be helped by a change of diet, for instance, if your dog is diagnosed with pancreatitis or IBS or your vet suspects that inadequate nutrition is the cause of his tiredness transitioning him to an unprocessed, low-fat diet such as Pure could give him back his zest for life. Turkey Terrific and Chicken Dinner are ideal for pooches that have sensitive stomachs or dietary intolerances. The food is delicious and nutritious too, only containing natural, human-grade ingredients, so can tempt fussy senior dogs into regaining their appetite and it’s also perfect for those pooches that have a tendency to pile on the pounds or find eating dry food difficult due to dental problems.