How to treat IBS and IBD in dogs


The first place to start is the diet. A dog with symptoms of IBS or IBD can benefit from a natural, easily digestible diet containing limited ingredients. Avoiding highly processed pet foods, those with artificial additives such as colours and flavours, treats and table scraps can all help. Sticking to grain-free recipes is recommended as grains can sometimes cause an inflammatory reaction in the digestive system. Getting the right amount and type of dietary fibre is important, so check the label for natural fibre sources.

At Pure Pet Food, our diets are 100% natural and our ingredients lists are short and sweet. If your dog is showing signs of IBS or IBD and you‘re not sure what to feed, try our Turkey Terrific, Chicken Dinner or Fish Supper diets to help get them back on track. These grain-free recipes contain natural fibre sources like parsnip and apple and are free from colours, flavourings and sweeteners (our recipes carry a ‘no nasties’ promise). With minimal processing involved, our foods are bursting with unspoilt goodness and are perfect for sensitive tummies (and we hear they taste good too). Give one of our diets a try for at least a week to give things a chance to settle down.

If stress is a possible trigger of your dog’s grumbling gut, take steps to find out the root cause and how the impact can be minimised. Have you moved house recently? Has anyone (human or otherwise) moved into or left the home lately? Has your dog been exposed to loud noises such as thunder or fireworks? These are just some of the more common causes of stress in pets, which may be responsible for some of the symptoms associated with IBS or IBD. Make sure your dog is allowed to rest uninterrupted and that all household members or visitors respect your dog’s need for space. Ensure your dog is getting enough exercise and mental stimulation. If you leave your dog home alone for long periods, spend some time making sure they have something to occupy and comfort them such as a treat-release toy and a favourite blanket or item of clothing containing your scent.

Remember, IBS and IBD can be life-long conditions. Once the symptoms are under control, keep a close eye out for any recurrences.

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