How to treat vomiting in dogs


Hopefully, your dog vomiting will be a one-off event, most of us have probably witnessed a dog throwing up one minute and begging for food or asking for his ball to be thrown the next.

If the onset of your dog’s vomiting was sudden and you are not too worried about him, you can try withholding a couple of meals and then feeding him a bland diet such as lean chicken and boiled potato to see if the problem resolves. Ensure that he is also drinking a little water as you don’t want him to dehydrate. However, dogs that are vomiting repeatedly or are noticeably unwell, exhibiting other symptoms or are still not themselves after 24 hours really need to be seen by the vet. Better safe than sorry!

Chronic vomiting can be a sign that your dog is suffering from a serious underlying condition and you really need a professional opinion to diagnose what the cause is. That said, diet can be a major factor, many highly processed foods contain additives or ingredients like wheat that some dogs are allergic to and find difficult to digest so transitioning your pooch onto a low processed diet full of natural ingredients and free from grains and additives can help to transform your dog’s health.

Pure Pet Food has a range of products that can help to alleviate diet-related vomiting. Turkey Terrific variety is ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs and feeding it can help with conditions such as pancreatitis as it is low in fat, sometimes dogs do better on diets based on an alternative meat source and Duck Delight might be an ideal solution for them. We humans all know that white fish is a healthy protein source that is gentle on our tummies and the same is true for dogs, Fish Supper is great for dogs with sensitive stomachs as well as pooches that have a meat intolerance. Why not browse through some of the success stories on the site and see how other dog’s health has benefited from changing their diet to Pure. Maybe it can help your pooch too.

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