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Sensitive Stomach

How to treat a sensitive stomach in dogs

The first port of call when seeing to a sensitive stomach is to look at what’s going in it. Cut out table scraps and treats and make sure your dog isn’t filling their belly from bins or other sources of stomach-churning delights such as a litter tray or the garden. Once you’ve got their snacking under control, turn your attention to the main meal.

Signs and symptoms of a sensitive stomach in dogs

The classic signs of a sensitive stomach include intermittent loose stools or diarrhoea, nausea (you can tell your dog feels sick if they’re not eating or if they’re licking their lips and swallowing a lot) and excessive wind. There may be blood in the stools and your dog might vomit. Sometimes when a dog has eaten a food that triggers their sensitive stomach, they’ll be less active and possibly reluctant to go for a walk. The odd self-limiting episode of wind or loose stools is part and parcel of a dog’s life but if the symptoms become chronic (long-term) and you notice weight loss, get your dog checked over by their vet.

What causes a sensitive stomach in dogs?

Some pups are just unlucky and are born with an inherited form of a sensitive stomach. This condition can also pop up unexpectedly at any age.

Have you changed your dog’s diet recently? If this set off an attack of tummy trouble, then your dog is likely to have a sensitive stomach. A bout of over-indulgence can be another cause of an upset stomach.

What is a sensitive stomach in dogs?

Dogs are omnivores, meaning they are designed to live on a diet containing both meat and vegetables. Their broad-ranging palate and their ability to gulp down large amounts in one sitting (thanks to an extremely stretchy stomach) earn dogs a bit of a gluttonous reputation. However, whilst most dogs can guzzle almost any food (or even non-food!) that comes across their path with no problem, others can be more sensitive.

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