Signs and symptoms of fatigue in dogs


Although it’s normal for dogs to sleep a lot a healthy dog is usually wide awake and raring to go if he thinks there’s a walk or food in the offing! If your dog is still slumped in his bed looking tired and deflated when there are things going on around him he usually enjoys, it’s probably going to be the first inkling you get that he’s not feeling himself.

There are some other symptoms that can accompany fatigue too, your dog might seem irritable or even appear depressed, often dogs lose their appetite and can act out of character in other ways too such as ignoring you when you return home instead of bouncing around in excitement waiting for their cuddles. Their favourite toys might not elicit any interest either and your dog might be reluctant to go for their walks or even to move at all.

Your dog might be vomiting, have diarrhoea or seem short of breath or your pooch might appear very restless or seem weak and disorientated or be shaking. Sadly your dog can’t speak to you so there’s no way he can tell you what the problem is but because fatigue can often be an indicator of an underlying condition it’s important to take a note of all your dog’s symptoms to pass onto your vet.