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How to treat vomiting in dogs

Hopefully, your dog vomiting will be a one-off event, most of us have probably witnessed a dog throwing up one minute and begging for food or asking for his ball to be thrown the next.

Signs and symptoms of vomiting in dogs

None of us enjoys seeing our precious pooches feeling under the weather but nearly all dogs will vomit at some time in their lives. Indeed, it is one of the most common causes for a trip to the vet for our pooches. Just like us, a dog is being sick to expel the contents of his stomach, often the causes of a dog vomiting are down to your pooch eating something he shouldn’t and are isolated events that resolve within 24 hours. However, it can be due to something more serious that requires further investigation.

What causes vomiting in dogs?

Dogs are well known for not discriminating about what they put in their mouths and so it follows that the most common reason your dog is being sick is probably related to something they’ve ingested. The culprit might have been a bin raiding foray, swallowing a foreign object such as a sock, plastic toy or homework, or eating something that is rotten or toxic to pooches.

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