What causes IBS and IBD in dogs?


Although no one really knows the exact cause, IBS and IBD are usually diagnosed after all other potential causes of digestive issues are ruled out, such as worms, gastroenteritis, colitis, pancreatitis etc. Some dogs have a dietary intolerance or sensitivity, which means their gut doesn’t respond well to certain foods. Dogs can also be allergic to certain proteins in their food; the most common dietary allergens for dogs are beef, chicken, wheat, corn, milk and eggs.

An allergic reaction will typically cause itching and the skin on your dog’s face, feet and ears may become noticeably sore. Although less common, diarrhoea, vomiting and flatulence can also be symptoms of a dietary allergy. Certain artificial additives such as colourings and preservatives can also irritate the digestive system in some dogs.

Stress and lack of dietary fibre may also play a part in bringing on IBS and IBD symptoms. Sometimes the normal functioning of the gut just goes wrong, causing it to become over or underactive.

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