What causes vomiting in dogs?


Dogs are well known for not discriminating about what they put in their mouths and so it follows that the most common reason your dog is being sick is probably related to something they’ve ingested. The culprit might have been a bin raiding foray, swallowing a foreign object such as a sock, plastic toy or homework, or eating something that is rotten or toxic to pooches.

Sometimes dogs’ vomit after eating due to gobbling their food down too fast, this might be because they just love their food, but it could also be down to anxiety issues such as worrying about another pet getting to their food. Eating too fast can cause a dog to ingest large amounts of air and cause them to either regurgitate or vomit their dinner back up.

Perhaps your pooch has a parasite infestation, is he taking any medication that could have upset his stomach? Sometimes your dog’s diet is the culprit, perhaps your pooch has a sensitive stomach or is allergic to an ingredient in his food, have you recently changed his diet? Have you noticed any weight loss or weight gain? Or does your pooch seem reluctant to eat? Transitioning your dog from one food to another can often upset his stomach as the digestive system needs time to adapt, that’s why it’s important to make any change slowly.

Vomiting could also be symptomatic of an underlying medical condition such as IBS, pancreatitis, colitis or have an ulcer.

As you can see there really are so many reasons that can cause a dog to vomit but first think about what your dog has been eating, has he possibly had any access to something that is poisonous to dogs such as chocolate, onions or chemicals? Are your glasses missing or his favourite toy, or is he prone to picking up random things on walks? Foreign objects can become stuck and cause your dog serious complications so if you suspect that this is the reason for the sudden onset of your dog’s vomiting it’s best to take your pet to the vet straight away.

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